We have proudly partnered on these Projects

Virginia Center for Behavioral Rehabilitation

The new Virginia Center for Behavioral Rehabilitation (VCBR), a 300-bed 175,000 square-foot facility on a 27-acre site. In addition to living areas that include 300 resident rooms, the project contains administrative offices, activity/education areas (including a gymnasium) and a medial suite. There is also a Kitchen/Warehouse building to support not only the 300 residents at VCBR but also the residents located at the adjacent Piedmont Geriatric Hospital.

Dominion Tower

The 20-story project is approximately 1 million square feet and occupies a full city block. It includes a high-performance workplace for over 1,000 employees, street-level retail, employee amenities and parking. The building is certified LEED Gold and integrates a range of sustainability strategies including an energy efficient mechanical system and an exterior landscaped terrace which captures and utilizes rainwater.

Virginia Tech, Hitt Hall

Hitt Hall will feature a 600-seat full service multivenue dining facility on two floors, flexible general assignment classrooms on the third floor, and open collaboration zones throughout. The dining capacity added by Hitt Hall, will increase dining services for students, faculty and staff on the Blacksburg campus. The building’s Innovation Lab will provide program opportunities, student-based projects and the surrounding exterior Innovation Plaza will provide additional space for outdoor demonstrations, teaching and dining.

UVA Alderman Library

A new 130,000-square-foot addition and renovate 100,000 square feet of the historic building. The renovated library will include shelving for their extensive holdings, study areas, reading rooms, staff work areas and spaces for scholarly research and preservation of books. Two interior light wells will be enclosed with a glass roof to become study courts. The new design will create more open spaces and a stable environment much more conducive to the long-term preservation of the library collections. The upgrades will also address accessibility, Americans with Disabilities Act compliance.